Are You Sure?


I believe the Bible is a declarative story, from God, who has the right to declare the truth about Himself! I also recognize and am not blind to the fact that the Bible has some technical flaws in the story! For example, in the story of Jesus, told by four writers in the New Testament, there was a sign posted above His head on the cross where He was crucified, and all four writers have a slightly different version of what was on that sign. There are other examples similar to that. It was a sign, how could it say four different things?

Well, when God uses human authors He chooses a method that is going to be less than perfect in all aspects. But what is perfect is the consistency of the theme of the overall story. It never varies. We will see that as we unfold the journey. Here is why the theme is consistent….the people who wrote the story, were all impressed about the theme from the same God, every one of them. The same God, same Author, telling the same story to new people from generation to generation, produces the same theme.

Think of it! Moses is credited with writing the book of Genesis. He lived 2500 years after the creation story in Genesis chapter 1. How could he know what God created on each day of the week? How could he know that there were six days of creation, and that on the last day God created Adam and Eve? He had to be told, by Someone who knew and could “reveal” it to him. And, after he was told, he sat down and wrote, in his own words, to the best of his ability. We could not know the story except that God took effort to tell us the story, or reveal His story to us. We could never figure it out on our own with any measure of accuracy.

I had a professor explain it to us in a class many years ago. Dr. Dederen said that the reality of God revealing his story to us was “…a divine act in which God discloses Himself to a specially chosen instrument and conveys to him a knowledge of Himself and of His will which man could not have attained on his own.”

That’s why we can trust this story. The Bible writers didn’t just make it up. Neither were they given a script. They were given a theme, story after story, truth upon truth, and as history unfolded, new writers kept adding to the story to unfold the dilemma of God, as well as His response to that dilemma in the lives of everyday people.

So, yes some details may not always add up, but the theme is consistent. Sin and rebellion were thrust upon God, and He responded to it in ways that boggle the mind as we see His compassion, love and wisdom unfold. He did not create a devil, or pain, or death or war or any part of it. It’s a temporary story, a parenthesis in eternity, so to speak, because God has a plan for cleaning it all up. That’s part of the story too.

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