God Has A Story


Did you ever stop to think that God has story? It’s easy to see that we have a story, we were born in a certain place, we went to school, we had a childhood, we grew up, and so on. We are a story and we have a story. So does God!

It’s so easy to think that God is in charge of all our stories, and that His story is just the story of how to be the “Big Boss” in the sky as He involves Himself in history or in my life. Another perspective would be to realize that actually His story  involves some of  the very same things that our story are about. What if we were to put on the glasses that sees that God has a story all of His own, and just like us, some things happened to Him that He didn’t like either? How would that change things? We all have events in our past that are upsetting at least, and downright horrific at the worst. So does God.

In many people’s minds, God is somehow defaulted into a position of simply and only being up in heaven, wherever that is, and all-powerful. And that is why they doubt His goodness because if He is all powerful, He should stop the horrible things that happen in the world, or at least the things that are happening to me! Since those things don’t always stop, some decide He must not be real, or if He is, they don’t want to have anything to do with a God who could step in but doesn’t.

What if it’s bigger than that? What if He actually has the physical and powerful ability to stop them, and actually has a plan in place to do so, but is Himself withholding that power for a bigger reason and another time? While that may not seem too comforting especially if your life is particularly hard and painful, it is a different pair of glasses that might help us see a different perspective.

I held my little two year old daughter on my knee while she cried as a nurse poked her with a needle. She trusted me to protect her, yet I firmly held her arm in place and let the nurse do it to her. It made no sense to her, but as and older and wiser father I knew that what was in that syringe was important for the bigger picture of her health and healing. While the issues are much bigger than a simple poke in the arm compared to the chronic pain of planet earth, and the suffering people deal with every day, the principle has value.

What if God actually faced a dilemma because of choices that He had had been forced to make? What if His story is the big story in which we are all a part? We think in terms of we, our lives, our pain and our needs, and with good reason because of everything that happens, and wonder why God doesn’t respond. As He tells His story we begin to see some other realities unfolding that give us some BIG things to think about. His story involves the same things that we deal with, namely pain, loss, and hard choices. His dilemma involves when or when not to use His power to “fix” things just because He has it. There are some big issues at stake that need to be handled carefully. He has is own dilemma to sort out. Our story is not the only story, but neither is His. Our story is part of His story!

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