How Would God Describe Himself?


Many people, maybe even you, have been told or taught what God is like, by someone who didn’t really know or have the story straight! That’s confusing! Or, maybe someone you looked up to, or someone who represented God has hurt you in a way that makes you question, really question everything you have heard about God. Maybe you have been told that God answers prayers and you have prayed about something and nothing happened, which makes you really doubt that He’s real.

Hearing facts about God is one thing, but knowing we have the right facts is another. I suggest that many people have shared information as fact about God, by passing on something they have heard, but not really ever verified. Then someone else passes that on, and then that get’s passed on and you know the old “gossip” game where the story get’s garbled the more it’s repeated. Somehow, we need to find the true source of the story and start there.

That’s why in previous posts I’ve attempted to lay a groundwork on why the Bible has reason to claim it has something to say on the matter that can be trusted. It is a book that declares to be God’s view and personality as described by God Himself. If that is what it truly is, then that would be a good place to start looking to find out what He says about Himself.

When we look at what He says about Himself we find a long list of descriptive words about Himself. We’ll look more closely at some of these as these posts continue, but here’s a start….

As He reveals Himself He claims to be ETERNAL. That means He has no beginning and no ending, and He is not subject to death! Wow! We all know that there is a tombstone waiting for us somewhere, but He is above that.

He claims to be IMMUTABLE. That means He never changes His purpose, His character or the reality of who He is. In other words, He is forever the same in how He is and expresses Himself.

He claims to be TRANSCENDENT. That means He is above and different from every other being or creature in all the earth and universe.

He claims to be the source of LOVE. The Bible simply says, “God Is Love.” Everything He is or does originates from a place of love. Just like a spring of pure water can only give off pure water, God can only act in a loving manner because His person and character are the true source of love.

And, He claims to be a God of JUSTICE. True love can only produce true justice. Fairness for all. Some justice in our world does not feel like justice because it is biased and tainted by our humanity. God’s justice is only fair and only right and only complete.

But the best news of all is that while there are many other things that could be said about His description of Himself, He is a PERSONABLE God. He is not some force or entity “out there” somewhere. He is as personable as we could need Him to be. He reveals Himself, He answers when people call on Him. He is a knowledgeable parent who knows when to say yes and when to say no. He sees things from a different perspective and He is wise above everything we could know or think.

The Bible reminds us that He knows us by name, that He knows the number of hairs on our head, (even though I’m thinking that is trivia for Him), He knows the number of our days, our tears are stored up in a bottle (meaning that He knows us intimately) AND we are told that He “knit us together in our mother’s womb.” He really knows us!

That may bring out more questions than it answers at this point, and yet it is a place to start and get grounded for finding out what we want to know. What if His revelation of Himself was really trustworthy and true? Would you be interested in knowing a God like that? Could you trust God if He was really like that?

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