The Power of Good Questions


I love questions. They move me off of dead center. They make me think. They challenge my comfort zone. I have lots of questions. I love asking them, and I love being asked good questions.

Here are a few that rattle around in my head. They are mysterious to me because there is no definitive answer that takes in total comprehension.

It is believed that God is eternal, with no beginning and no ending. How can it actually be that there is a being who had no beginning? My mind can look back only so far, and then it goes numb!  I can sort of understand living forever into the future, but I get lost attempting to looking at eternity in reverse. It is a mystery that I cannot fully grasp, only accept.

It is also believe that this being, God, could be eternal, AND be absolute, total perfection, flawless, all on the good side! A kind, loving good force in the universe. There are lots of stories of wicked powers who only want destruction and chaos and control. This being is only good, pure, and righteous all the time. Words fail to describe holy. This God stands apart from all beings, creatures, human or angels. He does not need life given to Him from somewhere else, He is the author of life. He can make something live, and He can sustain life, but He does not need to receive life from anywhere or anyone else. Is it true that there is such a being in the universe somewhere? Is this not a mystery?

Another question or mystery to me is how evil could arise in and out of an environment that was exactly in the presence of this God? How does darkness start from light? How does war start in the place of peace? How does hatred begin in an atmosphere of love? This is the mystery of sin.

Well, there are more. Mysteries are interesting and hold our mind and our imagination until we are able to solve the dilemma and find the answers we are looking for. The details begin to add up, but not until the last piece is in place do we get the full and final picture.

However, in the dilemma God faces, we do have some answers, and we do have some insight into how He is responding to it. We still get to sit on the edge of our seats, with anticipation to watch it all unfold.

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