The Search for Answers


The search for answers to the big questions, and the questions on spirituality is on going, and everywhere. I speak to people all the time who keep looking for insight, wisdom, direction and truth, in all sorts of places. There is a common sense that there is something or someone bigger than us out there, but who or what is it, and how do we connect? The simple belief is that there are many roads to God, find one that works for you. Which poses a question all of it’s own…Is that true that all spiritual quests lead to truth and/or God?

The search for truth, meaning and understanding is universal. In the book Soul Cravings, Erwin McManus spells out the universal heart cry for love and loving relationships; destiny, or the desire to live a life of purpose that is bigger than just going to work and making a living; and meaning, the pleading desire to make sense of an existence in a world that often makes no sense.

Those are the bottom line realities of the search of every human being. And the pursuit goes in so many, many directions. From as nebulous as believing “the universe arranged this for me” to as specific as “a voice spoke to me” the desire for connection and assurance from another plane than humanity is very real. And, it is interesting to me how many will go on the search for those things, and yet intentionally push God away and deflect Him out of the search. Somehow, for some, He is on the ignore list when it comes to the search for truth. It’s like He can’t be trusted to have answers so “I’ll find my own way to truth, thank you very much.”

The people that God revealed Himself to, and who He used to write His story, had two jobs. One was to be available to God to receive truth filled themes and information, and then, to also write that information out in a trustworthy, reliable form, so that the message did not get garbled. We call the giving of the message “Revelation,” as He revealed Himself to us, and then we call the God-given ability to clearly and accurately share that information “inspiration.” This “inspiration” is not to be confused with the inspiring book I read last week, or the inspiring music I listened to on my dynamic stereo system, or the inspiring story I was told by my best friend. Instead, this inspiration is a process involving a Bible writer, and the God who is entrusting the writer with His story.

Inspiration in terms of writing the story of God’s Dilemma was also “a divine act” my professor, Dr. Dederen,  taught us, “in which God enables a prophet to receive and to communicate the content of revelation in a trustworthy and authoritative way.”

So, the story of the Bible, which explains the mess we are in, the God caught up in the story, and His method and plan for ending the story, is not just generic, nebulous or man made, it is a story that involves God revealing Himself to people, and those people depending on Him to tell the story correctly. It’s the revelation of a personal God, dealing with real people, to tell a real story in a way that can be understood.

In the search for real answers, it’s a mystery to me why so many won’t even bother to take a look at it! Why do people search everywhere but here for answers? That is a mystery to me. People trek to the wise men and women and guru’s of the world. They lay out cards and sit on poles and go on pilgrimages. They read books and listen to famous authors all in the name of finding spirituality. No doubt sometimes there are good things that are learned from that search, but the search never ends, because people will search until they find the source of reliable truth. Then they will stop. So, if God has really gone to all the effort to reveal Himself and His story to us, in a reliable and trustworthy process, isn’t it worth going there, maybe even starting there, and taking a look at what He has to say. Maybe it will save a lot of searching in other places that don’t turn up too much?

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