The Story Hides Nothing


The beautiful thing about the story of the Bible is that it hides nothing. Deep inside of each soul lurk the fear that “if they really knew everything about me, they would/might not like me, so therefore I will keep those things to myself and let the good stuff show up on the outside.” That begins the constant task of putting on the mask of bravery, happiness, positivity, humor or courage just to present oneself as comparatively “normal” along with everyone else.

God doesn’t do that in His story. He tells it like it is. He tells us about His courageous people and then gives us insight into their flaws and human condition. He must tell us that so that He can then show us a side of Him that amazes people in every generation. If He told us that He only worked with honest, beautiful, successful or perfect people, those of us who don’t feel we fit those categories would then flounder in a state of despair. However, He makes it abundantly clear that His story is about responding to the pain and brokenness of people by telling us about His love and interaction with people who really blew it!

That’s the appealing part. While we may still feel compelled to put on our masks in front of other people, it is comforting to know that we can take them off in front of God, and still be OK. In fact, if we keep them on in front of God, He says “do you really think you are fooling me?” It’s not our mistakes and failures that keep us away from God, it’s our silly notion that He won’t accept us with our mistakes and failures. Reality is, it’s the mistakes and failures that He wants to heal, so if we hide them from Him, He has nothing to work with.

The Bible tells of Moses, the leader of God’s people who took matters into his own hands to the point of murder. There is the story of a king who committed adultery then arranged the death of the woman’s husband so he could cover up the story. We find God interacting with and loving prostitutes, greedy tax collectors, arguing and selfish disciples and most every other kind of human flaw we can think of. Not only does He interact with them, He uses their lives and their stories to tell His story to the world and to the universe. Amazing!

This is why we can relax and come to His story, with our broken one and see His response, plan and purpose for who we are. I’m telling you this so that you can read the story and not worry that you have too many secrets, and that the story is not for you because “I haven’t told you everything!”

The story of God’s Dilemma is a story that runs the entire length of the Bible, and has the same theme through it all which says “I declare that I see you, I know you, and I have a plan for you. I am not separate or aloof from your story, I’m working it out. You are going to like the way this story ends, wait for it!” The story is declared by the main character of the story. He really should know what He’s talking about, don’t you think?

I invite you to keep reading!

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