The Story in Big Picture

It is not my purpose to attempt to be original. If Solomon could say 3500 years ago that there is nothing new under the sun, then for me to think that I could be original would border on arrogance.

What I want to do is to package this story the way I appreicate it, highlight the things that have stood out to me in my years of walking with God. The story of God, is also our story because we have no story without Him, and His story is all about His work in our behalf. One is dependent on the other.

None of us are immune from the temptation to sin, the power of sin, and the consequences of playing with sin. However, the good news about God is that He deals in our entire stories, not just the parts that don’t embarrass us. In fact, if we hide, or anesthetize certain parts of our stories because we are ashamed, we are not allowing God to work with and heal all of us. We limit God when we limit the truth of our story.

God never wanted life to be the way it is. He never wanted us to experience the things we have to deal with. God wanted us to enjoy a very different existence. However, God never bailed out on our story because of sin either. That’s really good news. Sin is not new to Him, nor is it a surprise. We do not need to be ashamed of our sin before God, He already knows it. I remember in school sort of announcing out loud that “I really blew that test” after we were all finished and were about to exchange papers and check them. Somehow it was important to me to admit out loud what was about to become painfully obvious.

Explore God’s story with me. Notice that the story is not all about me, (or you) and in some ways it is all about me, (or you). God’s dilemma includes issues on a much wider scale than any one human being, and His dilemma all boils down to how the issues personally affect every single human being.

Come find your story in God’s story, and the good news is, God has it all worked out to have a wonderful, exciting, eternal, happily ever after ending

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